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Settle Global Solutions is the first real-time regulated smart payment solution, designed and built to meet the unique settlement needs of International Wholesale Telecom Carriers

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Instant | Borderless Settlements

Operators have the power to process transactions 24x7x365, with settlements in seconds, not days. Freeing up capital to grow your carrier business

Secure | Reliable Platform

With imutable ledgers, end-to-end client certification (including full AML/KYC) and instant payment notification, Settle Coin is incredibly resistant to fraud and malicious activity.

Intelligent | Efficient Solutions

Smart contracts enable intelligent and efficient settlement solutions to match your current and future business practices not those of your bank's.

Loyalty | Support Solutions

24 x 7 account access and support portal

- 1% signup bonus on the initial deposit and,
- .2% loyalty bonus on the account balances

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License: BSL10-VSP-16646

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LEI: 984500BF399EBAAB5583

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