Streamlining Payment Processes

Accelerate your payments - accelerate your business

Licensed and Regulated Smart Payment Solution

Settle Global Solutions offers a real-time, regulated smart payment solution tailored to address the distinctive settlement requirements of international businesses globally.

Instant, Borderless Settlements

At SettleCoin, we empower our members with the ability to process transactions 24/7, 365 days a year. Our international settlements are executed in seconds, not days, and at zero cost, allowing you to allocate capital to fuel your business growth.

Secure & Reliable Platform

SettleCoin boasts immutable ledgers, end-to-end client verification (including comprehensive AML/KYC checks), and instant payment notifications. Our platform is designed to be highly resistant to fraud and malicious activities, ensuring the utmost security for your transactions.

Intelligent & Efficient Solutions

Our smart contracts deliver intelligent and efficient settlement solutions tailored to your current and future business needs, not the rigid processes of traditional banks.

Loyalty & Support Solutions

At SettleCoin, we provide round-the-clock account access and support through our dedicated portal. As a gesture of our commitment to your success, we offer the following benefits.

A 1% signup bonus on your initial deposit

A 3% annual loyalty bonus based on average account balances

100% cashback on all fees during the first month

50% cashback on all fees during the second month

Industry Overview

1 K
Settlements daily
0.001 bn
in transactions
1 K
Telecom Carriers worldwide
$ 1 M
per day on bank fees
$ 1 M
Payment Fraud Est. Loss/Month
$ 1 M
Dead-money at any given time